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At Friendly Food FinderSM we understand the perspective of people with food allergies and sensitivities because we are part of that community. We understand that so many family holidays and school and civic activities revolve around food and it can be overwhelming to find all the food substitutions needed to participate in all these activities. We wanted to create a resource to make life easier. This website provides a way that we can share food finds with one another and by doing so creates a database of real life practical information - information that you can turn to anytime you need a helping hand.


Deborra Zukowski

My daughter is severely allergic to milk and peanuts. As she was growing up we faced new challenges all the time: her first birthday, her first elementary school holiday party and field trip, her first camping trip, her departures for college and traveling abroad. Throughout these times our whole family searched for food substitutes, called manufacturers and talked with our doctors, family, friends, and colleagues. Along the way, we were helped by so many of these people, but I always felt there should be an easier way. And this is how the idea for this web site was born. It’s a labor of love and a way I can give back to the community. We want to make it as helpful as possible and your suggestions are always very welcome.

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